Toyota Motor Europe posts year-on-year sales increase despite supply disruptions

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) today announced a 1.7% sales increase in 2011 with sales totalling 822,386 vehicles, up 14,075 from 2010, including 778,749 Toyota and 43,637 Lexus vehicles, representing an estimated 4.2% market share.

“Despite severe supply disruptions during the year and increasingly uncertain economic conditions, we have worked hard to restart our growth in Europe and we were able to post an increase over last year," said Didier Leroy, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe. "2012 will be challenging for the industry in Europe, but we are excited about our product offering in the coming months to help us continue the trend with the much-anticipated GT 86 compact sports car, bringing back the fun of driving, the first full hybrid in the compact B-segment with the Yaris Hybrid, an expansion of the Prius Family, and the all-new Lexus GS.”

Although market conditions remain volatile in Europe, TME posted healthy increases in Russia and Ukraine with 48% (132,423 units) and 47% (13,844 units) sales increase over 2010 respectively.

In Western Europe, Germany had a strong year with sales of 83,026 units, up 8% from 2010. Sales in Belgium reached 25,588 in 2011, up 14%, while Toyota remains the number one automotive brand for passenger cars in Ireland with sales of 12,879 units, up 10% from 2010.

In the Nordic Region, sales in Denmark rose 7% with sales of 16,601 units in 2011. The Baltic Region saw sales of 4,920 units, up 34% from the previous year.

For Lexus, Russia continues to be a strong market with sales reaching 13,698, up 25% from 2010, while the United Kingdom posted a 33% increase from 2010 with sales of 8,270 units. The Netherlands made the biggest inroads with sales reaching 2,644 units, up 276% from 2010, with the Lexus CT 200h taking a mammoth share of 2,290 units.

Toyota Vehicles

The Toyota AYGO continues to be a customer favourite with sales of 89,252 units in 2011, up 8% from 2010. The new year also brings along the New AYGO 2012 which will be making its debut at the Brussels Motor Show starting this week.

Sales of the Toyota Camry reached 24,319 units, a 31% increase from 2010. The all-new Camry recently started production in Toyota’s St. Petersburg manufacturing facility in November and will be offered with a newly developed 4-cylinder, 2.5-litre petrol engine and a 3.5-litre, Euro V compliant, V6 petrol engine.

The Toyota Verso saw sales of 43,806 units, up 2% from 2010, while sales of the Toyota Corolla increased by 6% with sales of 69,889 units. The Toyota RAV4 also continued its strong showing with a 5% increase with sales of 75,113 units in 2011. Sales of the Toyota Hilux were up 21% from 2010 with 28,888 units sold.

Lexus Vehicles

Sales of Lexus vehicles increased 40% over 2010, driven by the successful launch of the Lexus CT 200h, the only full hybrid in the premium compact segment, with sales reaching 16,980 units.

The Lexus RX model range saw sales of 13,858 units in 2011.

Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota and Lexus full hybrid vehicles contributed to 10% of total TME sales in 2011 with full year sales of 84,839 units, including 59,161 Toyota and 25,678 Lexus hybrid vehicles. The Auris model range enjoyed strong sales of 102,053 units with sales of the Auris Hybrid, produced in the United Kingdom, reaching 32,725. For Lexus, full hybrid vehicles made up 85% of total sales in Western Europe in 2011.

Following the recent European Commission results confirming TME’s industry leadership with the lowest fleet-wide average CO2 emissions in Europe in 2010, TME will offer even more choice for hybrid vehicles in 2012 when the new seven-seater Toyota Prius+ and Prius Plug-in Hybrid join the Prius to make up the Prius Family. Launched in 2011, the New Yaris will soon be offered with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive when the Yaris Hybrid makes its market debut later this year. The all-new Lexus GS 450h features the second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive, producing 343 HP and just 137 g/km of CO2 – the most efficient powertrain in its class.


Table 1 – TME(1) total sales in Q4 2011

TOYOTA 202,577
iQ 2,691
AYGO 22,967
Yaris 35,883
Urban Cruiser 1,585
Auris (incl. Auris Hybrid) 24,368
   Auris Hybrid 7,036
Corolla 18,088
Verso 11,034
Verso-S 7,459
Prius 5,653
Avensis 15,172
Camry 6,754
RAV4 20,503
Land Cruiser 12,809
Hilux 8,163
Hiace 5,038
Other models 4,410
LEXUS 11,189
CT 200h 4,742
IS 771
GS (incl. GS hybrid) 117
   GS hybrid 39
LS (incl. LS hybrid) 138
   LS hybrid 66
RX (incl. RX hybrid) 3,731
   RX hybrid 2,116
Other models 1,690

Table 2 – TME(1) total sales in 2011

TOYOTA 778,749
iQ 12,833
AYGO 89,252
Yaris 143,704
Urban Cruiser 7,003
Auris (incl. Auris Hybrid) 102,053
   Auris Hybrid 32,725
Corolla 69,889
Verso 43,806
Verso-S 22,090
Prius 26,436
Avensis 62,816
Camry 24,319
RAV4 75,113
Land Cruiser 43,884
Hilux 28,888
Hiace 12,922
Other models 13,741
LEXUS 43,637
CT 200h 16,980
IS 4,508
GS (incl. GS hybrid) 730
   GS hybrid 343
LS (incl. LS hybrid) 532
   LS hybrid 271
RX (incl. RX hybrid) 13,858
   RX hybrid 8,084
Other models 7,029

(1) Toyota Motor Europe is responsible for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, East Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan).

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